Publishing an ITIL Manifesto

The ITIL Manifesto initiative has been running for a little under a year.

We have:

  • 107 ideas grouped 6 ways to align with the 6 ITIL value propositions
  • A draft vision/mission statement

We don’t have:

  • A manifesto

I’d like to get something written and published, an ITIL Manifesto 1.0 which can then be improved, changed, rewritten if necessary.

How do we get to Manifesto 1.0?

Since we have the original raw ideas, a structure (the 6 value proposition areas) and a guiding vision, we have most of the necessary raw materials to create a manifesto.

The materials have been pulled together into a slide pack (also available as PDF) – links below –  to allow you as individuals or self-organising groups to produce 6 principles (one per group of ideas) and submit them back to me by the end of may. The pack has been written as a sort of ‘activity workbook’ to let you print off, carry around with you and scribble on for a few days whilst you think about the best way of writing a principle that covers some or all of the ideas in each idea group.

We’ll then vote, as a community, on the best principle in each area.

The winning principles (simple majority) will be published as the ITIL Manifesto v1.0.


How will changes be made to the manifesto?

If only there was a best practice framework which captured good practice for managing change…

I suggest:

  • A quarterly CAB which is also a decision authority
  • A system for recording RFCs, getting community votes on them and tracking them through a simple lifecycle

What’s the timeline?

Now to end of May 2015 – Community creates manifesto principles
Early June 2015 – Public voting on the submitted principles
Late June 2015 – Publish v1.0 of the Manifesto


Get involved?

  1. Download one of the following versions of the resource pack (PDF or PPT)
  2. Craft 6 principles using the pack
  3. Send them back to me (instructions in the pack)