The ITIL Manifesto v1.0

The ITIL Manifesto is available here:

The ITILManifesto 1.0

In my last post, I said we were going to have a vote on distilled principles, but we didn’t get many, so I’ve included all of them verbatim from Simone, Peter and Daniel.

Rightfully, this would be called a 0.1 (or a ‘beta’ if we were a 2011-era startup SaaS product…) but it stands on its own and there’s some good content.

I’d love to see this evolve. Maybe some form of quarterly CAB to process changes, additions, edits and rewrites. Who knows. Maybe this becomes part of another initiative. But I’ve included the original ideas as well as the principles so you can remix this to you hearts content under the Creative Commons license which also allows for commercial works. Please do attribute anything you make from this material back to the ITIL Manifesto.

I’ll see what the community wants to do with regard to improving and evolving this, but for now, thank you all for your input, writing, google hangout attendance and more.