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The ITIL Manifesto v1.0

The ITIL Manifesto is available here: The ITILManifesto 1.0 In my last post, I said we were going to have a vote on distilled principles, but we didn’t get many, so I’ve included all of […]

Change requests: get the basics right

Most change requests get raised, authorised and implemented.

When I’ve had occasion to post-mortem a failed change for a new client, I’d usually expect to hear one of the following phrases:

  • I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing
  • It shouldn’t have broken that, it was supposed to be totally unrelated…
  • How was I to know the backups were running at the same time?
  • Wait….I thought John was doing that reboot?
  • We only overran because we had to back it out…

…all of which are avoidable.